Customer acquisition

Are you struggling to boost your sales?

Is your competitor stealing your thunder?

Is it hard to get new customers?

Is the ROI on your marketing to low?

What We Do

We can help you increase your sales

At Excel Steer, we are obsessed with customer acquisition, sales, and post-sales support. We have developed proven methodologies to overcome these challenges. We have worked with many clients, small and large, to help them strategize new customers acquisition and increase the sales revenue. Our experienced business analysts and digital marketing teams create robust, detailed incremental plans to help you embark on lasting success

How We DO IT

We work with you

Excel Steer works with you to understand your product, services and helps you create a USP – Unique selling proposition. We operationalize these strategies using a variety of methods including but not limited to :-

  • Content creation
  • Online presence and penetration
  • Brand awareness
  • Custom designed digital strategy exploiting social media
  • Customer acquisition, sales and post sales support


We get clients because they are happy

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